Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thanks! (Er.... I think?)

The last year has been a tough one for us with our dogs. My best boy, Scout passed away suddenly in August 2014 and then Molly, the dog with nine lives, died in April.  We had them since they were puppies and they were 12 and almost 13 when they passed. Our house apparently just does not feel like home without a dog so just one month after Molly died, we decided we needed another dog. This time we decided that we wanted a more seasoned dog instead of a puppy so we applied at Mile High Lab Rescue to adopt an older lab. Well. Our adoption contact just happened to be expecting a yellow two year old that week and thought we would be a perfect fit for her. Two was a little younger than we had hoped for but we decided we would "go look at her" to see how she was. Anyone who knows us knows that we can never just go look at a dog without bringing them home. :) And so Lucy (who it turned out was really closer to one than to two) became our newest family member.  I mean who could resist this face?
She really is a sweet girl even though she has WAY more puppy in her than we were planning for. It will keep us young, right? 

I made this card for our adoption coordinator to say thanks for keeping her for us and taking care of her for the week we were out of town when she arrived in Colorado. 

Often I have a hard time imagining how different stamp sets can work together but I actually used four different sets on this card and I think it turned out kind of cute! It was kind of thick with the dog bone ribbon I used so I hope it made it through the mail with the extra postage I put on the envelope. I have had several cards go completely missing in the postal system lately, even some that were flat so who even knows. 

Thanks for stopping by today!